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Richard Dowell Bio

Richard-Dowell Richard Dowell, President, Technology Business Services [also dba Best Managers on the Net®


Combat Aviator, Educator, Executive, Entrepreneur

Richard's primary business focus is helping companies and organizations use the Internet to improve results and grow. He is certified Coach and also teaches the internationally acclaimed course Building a Successful Business Using the Internet.

His company specializes in using online and online-assisted facilitation to develop and maintain management and business skills. He believes that online learning technologies should support and enhance the role of managers and trainers in achieving an appropriate balance among the traditional, self-paced, just-in-time and any-time/any-place learning environments.

His father was a 43 year career Army officer and Richard a 1956 graduate of West Point and was commissioned in the Air Force.

During Richard's military career he was a doctoral candidate at the American and Stanford Universities, was graduated from the National Defense University, received training in information technology management at the MIT Sloan School of Management and was certified by the Air Force in Advanced Systems Acquisition Management. He was a faculty member at the United States Air Force Academy and the American University.

At the Air Force Academy he was one of the first instructors to test and deliver course materials on the then new Academy-wide classroom technology course delivery network. NOTE: Later on while on the Faculty at the Citadel School of Business he was one of 5 instructors selected to evaluate the feasibility of transitioning the Citadel faculty to delivering courses online. He converted his course [cosponsored wlth Site Sell] Building a Successful Business Using the Internet to the new Citadel online course delivery system and taught several semesters of during the summer terms to MBA students.  He took his experiences from his courses to participate on the Citadel Faculty committee evaluating selection of online education systems now in place at the Citadel in their online education program.

During his three combat tours in Southeast Asia as a fighter and bomber pilot he was awarded two Distinguished Flying Crosses, 14 Air Medals, and the Bronze Star.

Richard's private sector career includes technology management, government contracting, executive experience, technology company entrepreurship, management training and business consulting. He has held corporate responsibilities from Staff Member through Chairman, Board of Directors.

Professional experience Since 1991 Richard has concentrated on creating new jobs by promoting entrepreneurial business growth and other economic development activities. In March 1993, he assumed the position of Chief Executive Officer of the Software Valley Corporation and president of its 5013(c) Foundation, a state-wide organization created to promote community and economic development in West Virginia. He was instrumental in deploying the National Guard's Distance Learning Training (DLN) demonstration project, a national system of shared-used community information centers supporting the creation of high value jobs, business growth and economic development. In July, 1997 he founded Technology Business Services, Inc., a company dedicated to fostering business growth using the Internet. 

His other technology experience includes serving as a corporate CIO, managing a division developing advanced business software applications, directing a major information technology effort supporting the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, contributing to developing a strategic planning system for the $6 billion IRS Tax System modernization effort, supporting the FAA modernization of the US airways system and developing recommendations for modernizing the World Wide Military Command and Control System. 

Today he focuses on using technology to support entrepreneurs build successful home based businesses.

Significant business milestones November 1997-2002: Conducted management training programs to 44 companies organizations in South Carolina as an authorized representative of Crestcom International, Ltd, a worldwide leader in facilitated management training. Clients included the Post and Courier newspaper, Shakespeare Monofiliament Division and Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR).

March 2000: Established Best Managers on the Net* Division, developed and opened a www.BestManagers.Net learning portal, a website managed through a content management system.

February 2003 - present: Invited to participate as member of Navy League of United States Information Technology Committee (ITC) charged with the responsibility to develop a uniform design for Navy League Councils worldwide. Identified as one of candidate application service providers from which Navy League Councils may choose for website development and support of local Chapter activities.

In June, 2003 he was selected to be one of the four providers of internet and web applications services to Navy League Councils, worldwide.

In 2009, as a part of an ITC initiative, assumed the lead position in developing a low cost Navy League Council Website template and support structure to promote wider use of Council websites throughout the Navy League.

In 2012 introduced a state of the industry content management system adaptation for Navy League Councils Websites using the SiteSell web business development platform.

See for more information.

2003 - Present:

He has incorporated his experiences in maintaining his own health using a science based, measured results approach to health and wellness into his work with the Rotary Club of Charleston, SC in his capacity as Chairman of the Clubs Wellness Committee.

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Selected to be the First Certified Webmaster for Site Build It!, a leading web business support services provider (find more information here). Since then has concentrated on helping small businesses and start up entrepreneurs use the Internet to increase profitability. His own sites include,,,,, and

He was selected by Site Build It! to be a certified Site Sell Education Instructor.

NOTE: He and his company Associates now specialize in helping individuals and teams in the network marketing industry use the internet to build their businesses. Here are examples of sites Richard and his team have developed for clients:

Learn more at

January 2007 - May 2009: Visiting Professor of Information Technology, Citadel School of Business Administration, teaching undergraduate and graduate Information Technology courses.

Taught over 70 MBA and Undergraduate students the course: Building a Successful Business Using the Internet.

September 2009 - December 2010: Instructor, Trident Technical College, Continuing Education, teaching the course "Building a Successful Business Using the Internet" both in Class and Online [now being offered throughout South Carolina].

May 2010 - present: Certified Coach specializing in helping individuals develop successful home based businesses.

March 2011 - present: WELCOA certification, Calculating ROI of Wellness Programs and Coronary Health Improvement programs.

*Trademark awarded March 2003

Professional memberships, activities He is member of the Information Technology Committee of the Navy League of the United States.  He is a past Foundation Committee Chair and the Wellness Committee Chair of the Rotary Club of Charleston, a charter member of the Paul Harris Society, a Bequest Society member and Major Donor. He is a past board member and Corporate COO/Dean of the Free Enterprise Foundation.

Richard is a Class Officer serving in the capacity as List Moderator for the Unted States Military Acadmy Class of 1956.

What others have said:

"During his ANSER years, Mr. Dowell demonstrated that he was a master of many skills. He was a successful leader, recruiter, motivator, communicator and manager."

John Fabian, former Astronaut and past President/CEO of ANSER Inc.


"I am pleased to commend Mr. Richard P. Dowell's achievements of behalf of West Virginia's technology initiative . . . The results of Mr. Dowell's efforts have been most impressive."

Cecil Underwood, past Governor of West Virginia


"Mr. Dowell is one of the most gifted executives with whom I have worked."

Thomas Pressman, former Chairman of the Board, Software Valley Corporation


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