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Sharpening Your Report Writing Improves Your Communicating Skills

Report writing is one of the modules in the communicating skills series of our DEMO program, also included in our August Managers Self Development session.1

Here are the session notes from my session that I recorded in My Journal©

In summary, before you write define the reader and analyze your subject matter. Clarify (in your mind) exactly what you want your reader to know.

When writing, start off by getting the reader's attention. Make it interesting using style. Appeal to your readers' interests, explaining benefits. Let your writing reflect your personality. Be clear and organized. Avoid wordiness.

Flow Chart for effective results-oriented writing: ->Decide on your objective ->Analyze your subject ->Analyze your reader ->Write the opening ->Write the body ->Write the conclusion.

The best leaders, managers and supervisors have outstanding communicating skills -- including report writing. As I have pointed out elsewhere, moving others to action is their primary responsibility. And they do that by selling their ideas in all forms of communicating.

Improving report writing is a matter of applying proven principles and following a checklist each time you produce a report. The DEMO online report writing session includes excellent exercises and the checklist. These can be used in the follow-up mentoring session.2 which should include exercises applied to current session-related challenges in the work place.

Just remember, improved communicating skills is good for your employees and for your organization.


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1You can enroll simply by signing up for our monthly information Updates either at this site or

2In the best skills training programs each group of participants has an assigned mentor (normally the direct reporting supervisor). The mentor conducts module follow-up either through face-to-face or synchronous online sessions.

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