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What is QuicKnowledge? It is the best* of practical online education.

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It is the only practical e-learning system for Business, Personal and Professional Development


It is practical,  just in time, just enough learning for the entire organization.



Why a Company Should Buy QuicKnowledge?

 1.      QuicKnowledge is “just-enough, just-in-time” performance learning.

·        Training can be taken when it is needed, not when it is scheduled.

·        This saves your company $$ by developing individual competence in a short amount of time.

·        Other online products require several short sessions or one or more long ones to cover a complete skill.  

2.      The training community can provide training that the company needs without worrying about what it can afford.

·        Your training department can provide a training solution to a manager who has one employee or a hundred employees needing training in a particular skill.

·        The variety of skill deficiencies identified in performance reviews requires an affordable and efficient resource. Listening for 1 person? Doable. Building an Effective Team for a dozen team leaders? Doable. Valuing Diversity for 10,000 employees before the end of the year? Doable. When they need it, not when the training department can work it in. And at a price any company can afford. 

3.      Job performance can be significantly improved in as little as 30-45 minutes.

·        QuicKnowledge focuses on the key drivers of effective performance and does not include extraneous or “nice to know” material. This translates to $$ by requiring less time away from normal work routine.

·        QuicKnowledge has been specifically designed for the 30-45 minute session. Other online products have created short courses by chunking up existing courses so the learning is by bits and pieces. 

4.      QuicKnowledge will improve participants’ job performance—immediately.

·        It includes the essential elements of performance planning and performance support to assure effective behavior on the job. Companies need good performers, not just good learners. Effective and consistent job performance is the goal of any company’s training efforts. It also prevents waste of $$ in incompetence. 

5.      QuicKnowledge eliminates the “transfer of training” problem and shortens the “learning curve.”

·        Training is designed for immediate practical application in the workplace, with minimal learning curve, through the job aids (QuicTools.) This means less $$ wasted as supervisors are immediately more competent than they were before they took a course. 

6.      Every person in the company can take any or all of the courses: you have unprecedented flexibility to meet training needs with an enterprise-wide license.

·        Enterprise-wide deployment will allow a company to quickly roll out essential topics and/or standardize routine business and interpersonal processes in a short time. This standardization of a “critical mass” of employees increases quality and productivity, according to fundamental quality management principles. Better quality and higher productivity equal $$.

·        Traditional classroom training and conventional online “just-in-case” training rarely result in significant organizational performance improvement because companies can’t afford to train everyone at once, but even if they could, the length of conventional training would unacceptably disrupt the workflow. 

7.      QuicKnowledge provides tools to help you measure participants’ performance improvement on the job.

·        Each course has a Performance Plan, Action Plan, and Performance Feedback Document to be used to help the participant experience continuous measurable improvement. These activities are designed to be done collaboratively with the participant’s direct supervisor so that support for organizational goals can be addressed and documented. Participants can be held accountable for improved performance, which reduces wasted $$. 

8.      QuicKnowledge is an affordable partner in a blended learning solution.

·        Participants learn the essential behaviors of a skill by taking the online course. Follow-up, facilitated discussions in the classroom focus on the realities of using the new skill—organizational barriers, unique applications, individual style variations, and group commitments. This reduces the total $$ of your training effort. 

9.      QuicKnowledge places the responsibility for the effectiveness of the training where it rightfully belongs—with the participant and his or her direct supervisor.

·        QuicKnowledge is adult learning that assumes that individuals are responsible for their own learning and their own job performance, under the supervision of organizational management. Management—not the training department—is responsible for making sure the new skills are applied, and who better to do it?

·        The QuicKnowledge instructional design encourages positive supervisor-direct report relationships and supports supervisors in their most important job—managing performance. Effective performance management means more efficient operations, which means less waste and more $$. 

10.     Your training department can spend more time providing performance consulting, training follow-up, and coaching to promote organizational performance improvement.

·        Trainers have always known that taking a training course—even excelling in a training course—does not necessarily translate into improved performance because of all the variables that make it difficult to change behavior in the real world. QuicKnowledge is an inexpensive “presenter” which will allow you to be an effective “implementer” who contributes to achieving business goals. Better ROI. 


Click here to view a short (2 minute) presentation of why you should evaluate QuicKnowldege. Then go to and take the FREE course.  If then you think QuicKnowledge might benefit you or your company, request a 30 day demo access to 5 QuicKnowledge courses of your choosing by completing the form below. You will be contacted to schedule a 30 minute demonstration and instructions for accessing these courses.

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