If You're Looking For Someone To Personally Show You How To 'Master' Being A Top Online Entrepreneur Then Listen Closely...

“You Can Now Partner Up With A Mentor, A Business Success Coach, And An Experienced  Businessman … To Get The Personal Attention, True Guidance, And Real Direction You Need To Be Successful ...”

"It's Time To Learn From Someone Who Has Done It…And Is In The Trenches Doing It Right Now.  Even Better, Piggy-Back On My Knowledge So You Don’t Have To Spend Countless Hours, Days, Weeks, And Months Getting Over The Costly Learning Curve. You Need New Growth Pouring Into Your Business TODAY...And I Will Help You Get Exactly That."


Richard Dowelll

From: Richard Dowell, Business Success Coach, Mentor, Educator
To: All Online Entrepreneurs Not Growing Like They Should Be.

I vividly remember a time when I didn’t feel all too awesome. In hindsight, I was just ignorant as to how I was going to create the online success I truly wanted for myself and others.

    Everyone kept saying, “Do this, do that, buy this, buy that, sell this, sell that”  And my heart kept saying, “NOOO!  I can do this myself; I know I can…I Just need to figure out how.”

    And oh boy did I finally figure that out. (More on that soon...)

    But before I get into that, I’m going to tell you WHY I figured it out, and explain why this is the most important piece of advice you could ever get RIGHT NOW to ensure you are wildly successful in your business.

So Why Did I Suffer Through Skepticism, Doubt, And Adversity Where I Invested My Own Money, Time and Effort Making Little or No Money, and Then Beginning to Grow a Business a Snail's Pace for Several Years Straight?  One Thing And One Thing Only...Because I Believed In Myself.

    I repeat…it was because I believed in myself.

    It was because I knew that I really could LEARN how other people were being super successful…and do the same thing in my own niche area. I knew about the law of intention.  I knew that my thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and beliefs all would shape how successful I - and those I would touch - would become…and because of that knowledge I always knew as long as I’M GROWING…my business is going to grow right along side of me.

    Let that sink in.  If you really wrap your head around what I just shared…there is absolutely nothing that can stop you from creating massive success.  And I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

    But what does any of this have to do with you?   Let me put it this way…I know what causes people to fail.  And because of that, I also know what causes people to succeed.

    And after I saw what was possible in my own life -- and the lives of those around me who I helped -- by applying timeless marketing and business success principles, the awesome power of technology, on top of unbeatable leadership and personal development… I knew I had to teach others just how powerful they really are to do this same thing. 

You See, I Can Help You Grow Your Business Faster, Bigger, And STRONGER Than You Ever Could Alone. 

    Over the last 2 years of my life I have literally DEDICATED myself to being as up to date as 'Possible' when it comes to every aspect of our industry -- both in the internet marketing, network marketing, and direct sales worlds. If something new comes out ... I know about it and determine whether it can contribute to what I know already works.  

    When a new marketing tactic hits the scene, or a new web 2.0 site pops up with LOADS of fresh traffic, my contacts and I are already devouring the ins and outs of how to reap profit from it -- or whether to use it at all.

    And having access to all these strategies on a consistent basis has literally made those who use these them FORTUNES, and given me the ability to pass these advantages to my students and clients.

Advantages I Want You To Have As Well...

    Let me put it this way... I can show you the most up-to-date, what’s working RIGHT NOW, type of tactics that's causing those around me to be the leaders in this industry.
    I can show you strategies that 99% of this world has no idea exists when it comes to getting maximum exposure for any business you're in, and tapping into traffic sources that would blow your mind with their sheer potential.

    I can walk you through step by step how to create an ULTRA powerful marketing funnel, that will sign up candidate associates, customers, and clients into your businesses.

    I can have you linked with the people who are the biggest players in our industry, and already making the kind of money that you want to be making.  And I can do it all with complete confidence.

    Why?  Because this is the life I have chosen to live.  

    These are the people from whom I have chosen to learn.  

    I can do this because I have spent so much time filling myself up with knowledge... and met so many innovative leaders building businesses in ways that have boggled my mind  ... and which by applying to my own business has dramatically increased by my ability to help others and grow my own business in ways I never considered possible.

And Work With You Side By Side As A Mentor, A Guide, A Coach, And A Friend…To Show You The Ways You Can Be Totally Successful In Your Business.

    I want to show the most proven marketing strategies you can use to sign up tons of new distributors for your network marketing company and/or prospects for your internet marketing products or services.

    I want to show you how to create your own SUPER PROFITABLE information products and market them for unbelievably huge profits on the Internet.

    I want to show you how to build a marketing funnel that brands you as a leader in the industry, so your prospects and customers eagerly want to join and buy from you.

    I want to show you how to target the exact group of people you need to be targeting, to sign up an abundance of new partners..

    I want to teach you the latest web 2.0 strategies that result in all the FREE marketing and advertising you could ever ask for. (And they're FUN too)

    I want to show you how to create such a powerful 'Attraction' to you…that you will have messages, emails, phone calls, even LETTERS IN THE MAIL coming to you all the time from people who want to work with you in your business, or buy your products.

    Does all this sound like a fairytale? 

    If it does…then unfortunately you are still living in the “old school” mentality of business.

    You are still in that “worker” mindset…that mentality where you have been trained to think that everything is hard, that big money only comes to lucky people, and that you have to follow the pack if you want to be safe in life.

I Can Personally Tell You, That I Now Experience Every Single One Of Those Unbelievable Benefits Mentioned Above And So Much More…Every Day Of My Life.

    Did I work hard?  ABSOLUTELY.  But did I work SMART?  Absolutely. Did I spend money? You bet I did.

    However, there is a huge difference.  A construction worker works hard all the time, but rarely does he ever get paid what his work is really worth.

    I work hard too, but my income, and the net worth of Associates [they own part of the business] skyrockets because of it, and results with me working less and reestablishing balance into my own life. That’s the real difference.

    I don’t work for anyone else.  I don’t have to do ANYTHING I don’t choose or want to do…and money just shows up in my bank accounts and in my mailbox.

   But again these results are the product of hard work, investment, and doing what I love...And that's working honestly with other people. For you to achieve similar results you will also need to invest not just money but honesty and integrity in dealing with others.

    And guess what…

It’s Your Turn To Learn These Skills That Will Allow You To Manifest Money From Your Efforts.

    I want you to stop for a moment.  Take a solid, honest look at this list below.  After you're done reading this tell me if any of these statements apply to your life:

Check Mark
You don’t have the time to set up a stream-lined lead generating and marketing system that uses technology to build your business automatically...yet you realize it is the future of network marketing and you're missing out BIG TIME.
Check Mark
You are scared or worried you will make mistakes and waste valuable time or worst lots of your money, when you could just LEARN from someone who has done it, and is doing it already..
Check Mark
You want to develop real confidence, posture, and a bullet proof believe level that will attract ONLY success into your life and nothing else.
Check Mark
You want to leverage the experiences of someone who has grown many others through proven processes to achieve online business results.
Check Mark
You want to gleam the most up to date information, and stay connected with people who KNOW more than most ever will about this industry, and being a successful marketer.
Check Mark
You want to avoid all the hassles that come with the extensive learning curve of trying to do it all yourself, and instead piggy back on the people who can show you how to skip what doesn't work and go straight to creating real income.
Check Mark
You can afford this coaching program as a solid investment in your self and your future…and you see the true value behind this as something that can propel your life in a highly successful direction.
Check Mark
You recognize that ALMOST ALL successful people had coaches early on in their businesses, and there is a DARN good reason why.

    Plain and simply, if all that made sense to you then this is what I'm going to offer you today...

    Myself and my associates who are going to coach you to success like you have not experienced before. And if that was all...it would be fantastic enough.  But we take it one step further...

    Not only will you be getting the expert mentorship, knowledge, guidance, instruction, and wisdom on how to use technology like a master to endlessly expand your business...but my team and I will guide you to completely build, and set up, the most important websites you NEED to start building your own successful web business.

    That's right...we're going to help you handle the crucial pieces of Internet Real Estate YOU NEED to be pulling in massive amounts of leads, and signing up hordes of new business partners literally from the moment you get started.

We Are Going To Walk You Through The Entire Process, Guiding You Along Each Step...So You Know Exactly What To Do, How To Do It, And How To Do It GOOD.  And That's Not The Half Of It...

    I’m not playing around.  If you listen to me and you listen to me clearly….you are going to have a system that pumps prospects through a marketing funnel that spits out monetization opportunit only limited by your own imagination.

    I'm not saying you aren’t going to do some work…because you are.  You would have to be a bit crazy if you think success doesn't take consistent effort on your part.  But when you come to me with the TRUE desire to learn...that's EXACTLY what is going to happen beyond what you can even see at this point.

    What I look for in my students is a dedication to growth.  I look for that passion and desire to create success that will stop at NOTHING from achieving it.  And when you have that...you can take the knowledge inside my head, that I'm going to put directly into YOURS, and use it to make an absolute fortune.  You can free yourself...just like I did.

    And the most SURE FIRE way of doing that...is having a coach to be there for you along each step of the way.  It's having this highly successful person, who is focusing their energy and personal attention DIRECTLY ON YOU, that will get you moving closer to success at lightning speed.  And that's exactly what I'm going to do...

I’m Going To Make Sure Your Mind Is Finely Tuned And Ready To Attract Serious Success Into Your Life.  It’s All Part Of The Package.  But You Have To Be Willing To Let Go Of Any Limiting Beliefs Or We Have No Deal.  Fair Enough?

    You are now ready to learn how this coaching program is going to propel your business, life, and happiness into the fast lane of success.

    Here's how this works... if you qualify we are going to work with you for THREE MONTHS straight to turn you into a true powerhouse in the online marketing industry -- and after that -- if you commit to continued success -- we will work with you all the way to the top -- and offer to be a part of your continuing success.

    I am going to literally teach you, every single solid thing I know about building businesses, and I'm going to plug you into the most 'State-Of-The-Art' coaching happening in our industry today.  

    What's crazy is, almost NO ONE out there is using these strategies to create success in their companies.  It's like a field day of domination waiting to happen as most are clueless to this knowledge.

   So what I've decided to do -- if you qualify -- is open up this model for YOU so you can learn and EVERYTHING you need to know about using technology to build a growing, successful internet business based around what you most like to do and your interests in life.

You're going to have THE most professional marketing systems, and highest converting sales funnels on the web, just waiting to start bringing you infinite prospects, clients, customers and associates.

You have access to the entire system to make all this happen + even more.
Check Mark
Any guidance you want on how to set up your system, autoresponders, marketing funnels, or any other technical things you can think of.

After this guidance, you will ABSOLUTELY and 100% surely be positioned to create profits online.
Check Mark
Step by step instructions on how to set up your auto responder, upload YouTube videos, make MySpace profiles, or ANY other assistance you need when it comes to the operations of your new business.
Check Mark
Complete guidance on how to craft your entire back end campaign so people literally are incapable of NOT taking the action you want them to take.  
Check Mark
Once your entire front and back end campaigns are established…you will be taken by the hand and shown how to unleash a FLOOD of highly targeted traffic to your web business.
Check Mark
We'll help you with your pay-per-click marketing, your Article marketing, your Ezine marketing…In fact; there isn’t much we DON’T help you with when it comes to marketing.
Check Mark
Leadership and mindset training. If you need to work on your self esteem, want to boost your confidence, develop your posture, and increase your belief level…you will have real guidance.
Check Mark
Plus real network marketing mentoring so you can get over phone fear, be confident with every person you talk to, and learn the secrets to prospecting and sponsoring the REAL people you are looking to make your business partners.
Check Mark

Lifetime coaching support, continuing advanced monetization development, and email consulting support so long as you are following your Business Success Action Plansm

Check Mark
Not to mention the most important part of any coaching program…getting answers to your questions, and helping you deal with challenges as they arise.

Total Value $ priceless

What your 16 learning and group coaching sessions will cover:

Sucess Diploma

Weekly access and group coaching sessions covering the following…



Check Mark
Overview and review of resources and administrative procedures. Review of what it takes to be successful -- and how we follow a proven process to get there.
Check Mark
Develop Your Best Concept. You'll start by evaluating three separate site concepts using a powerful online market research tool included with your web business software suite of tools. This research tool is the most powerful in the industry -- and it is included, along with coaching support in how to use it.
Check Mark
Brainstorm Profitable Topics. You'll then explore candidate topic in detail. You'll go through one-on-one coaching to make sure that you find the best site concept for you.
Check Mark
Explore, select Best Site Concept, continuing coaching support, as required.
Check Mark
Build Site Concept Blueprint, including the Most Wanted Response for each page. Your Site Concept Blueprint is your keyword focused architectural plan for your web business.
Check Mark
Investigate & Plan Monetization Options. You will follow a six step process to develop an initial draft, and then continue in the next session with detailed planning.
Check Mark
Build Initial Draft Monetization Implementation Plan. Build Monetization Funnel for First Option.

Detailed development of your near term and "big picture" monetization funnels is the foundation of online business success.

Check Mark Refine Concept, Update Site Concept Blueprint & Register Domain Name.
Check Mark Build Outline Structure of First Pages through Tier 2. Register Site with Search Engines.
Check Mark Build Compelling Content. This session draws from the full Best Managers Article/Content Writing course which is available as a bonus package.
Check Mark Build Free Traffic -- Content, Blogging and Advertising. We'll add your Word Press blog and you can use it, in conjunction with the built in site blogging feature included with your suite of web business development tools.
Check Mark Build Relationships -- Attraction Marketing and Social Media. We'll show you how to use the bonus social media marketing tools you will have available to you as a bonus.
Check Mark Know Your Visitors -- Analyze Traffic, Take Appropriate Actions. You'l learn how to use the included traffic statistics tools to track what visitors are doing at your site and make appropriate adjustments.
Check Mark Monetize and Monetize It! Build Your Business Plan. You'll learn how to use the powerful monetization optimization tool included with your web business development suite. You'll be provided with comprehensive analysis of what your visitor traffic is doing, including recommendations for how you can improve your results based on visitor behavior.
Check Mark Advanced Monetization Overview of the separated training sessions  Your Separate Training Sessions on PPC marketing, launch formula mastery,  copywriting, and social media marketing. You'll be walked through developing a marketing campaign.
Check Mark Build/Implement Business Success Action Plan. This will be the capstone of all the sessions. You will have a one-on-one coaching session with your business success coach. We'll cover how your lifetime support program works and how you will access future advanced monetization training and consulting support.

You NAME IT and you’re going to learn it.

On top of learning every form of marketing there is, we’re also going to teach you major PRINCIPLES of...

And Just To Show You How Profitable And Powerful These Sessions Really Are, Here is an Extract of the First of Two Monetizing Planning Sessions:


And this isn't even the tip of the Iceberg...

And here's the best part.  EACH and every Group Coaching Session' is RECORDED so you can visit it over and over again to soak up all the knowledge.  That way, you never have to worry about missing a thing and can STILL have the most profitable training there is in online business success coaching today in YOUR hands.



Here are Some of Our Included Bonuses*

  1. One Year Subscription to the Site Sell Web Business Development suite of tools. This includes everything you need to support a successful and growing web business. Value $5000+ [if components purchased separately -- click here to view components]

  2. Branded Word Press blog, integrated directly with your main business website. Site will be optimized including the major leading plug-ins. Value $197+

  3. Comprehensive article/content writing course including actual development of an article and going through the steps of publishing it to various article writing sites. Value $97+

  4. Comprehensive monetization plan including a detailed marketing funnel following the procedures taught in Mike Klingler's Marketing Funnel Mastery course.    Value  $997

  5. Individual coaching on selection of Best Website Concept . Value  $147

  6. Custom website look and feel   Value  $97

  7. Advanced monetization sessions on PPC marketing, launch formula mastery,  copywriting, and social media marketing.   Value  $300+

  8. Fully functioning web business with marketing system in place, business plan and supporting Business Success Action PlanSM  , lifetime support with full access to http://bestmanagers.net learning portal.  Value  priceless

  9. Others, such as submissions to Traffic Geyser, Traffic Bug and other Best Managers resources.    Value  $297+

*limited time availability

The bottom line is this coaching program -- if you qualify -- is going to put you on a serious fast track to be successful at any thing you choose.

    Let's make one thing clear...this is 100% your choice and I am not here to convince any body. We are here to work with truly dedicated and serious individuals, who are at the right time in their life to take advantage of the knowledge we have to offer them. End of story.

    The total cost of 3 MONTHS of this top notch weekly training, being plugged into our OWN 'Mastermind' community, plus having free access to our personal systems is only $997.

    No joke, you'd think it would be about 5x that much... but for THREE MONTHS of this proven coaching -- plus lifetime continuing support if you choose -- you're only going to pay $997, and will have access to our entire training system as long as you continue to follow the Business Success Action PlanSM we jointly build.

    And I can literally make the guarantee that after this is over... YOUR LIFE will be changed.

    When you factor in the rest of the value and you can easily see why $997 for THREE MONTHS of this life changing mentoring is an incredibly low price to invest in yourself . Truthfully, it is FAR too low, and that's why I'll easily be raising the price to $4,999 over the next few months to reflect what it SHOULD be for 3 months of 'High Level' coaching - plus lifetime success support.  

    And as I continue to learn more, build my value more, and make MORE MONEY...the price of this coaching program is just going to keep increasing.

    But right now you got lucky enough to catch me at the perfect timing, to take advantage of so much value I'm offering for such an affordable and fair price.

    It's like you're literally gaining access to an entire COMMUNITY, plus 3 months of training, and group support from a true 'Mastermind Community'... all for less than 1/2 what you would pay at ONE 3 day Internet Marketing seminar.  Go look that up to... most seminars will cost $3,000-$5,000 for 3 measly days of content and pitches.  With us, you get NOTHING but our heart, soul, and KNOWLEDGE day in and day out until you've 'Mastered' this ability to make money at will in our industry.

    I think its safe to say... 

"This Coaching Program Is Truly Going To Be Your Fast Track To The Real Financial Success And The Real Freedom You've Been Looking For."

Next Group Coaching Session begins September 8, 2010*

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