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Leadership Skills Training is the Best Way to Improve Overall Performance

A continuing program of leadership skills training assures both the development of new leaders and empowering employees to perform at a higher level. Leaders, through their individual development-oriented actions, encourage each direct report to achieve at their highest potential. Recognizing the each member of a team has unique capabilities, aspirations and motivations, leaders orchestrate individual team members into cohesive, goal directed actions.


One of the prevalent themes in management and leadership skills training is a discussion of the differences in leaders and managers. Here is one such distinction from a noted businessman, "A leader gets people to do their job. A leader gets people to do their best."

The point of the session is that management and leadership skills compliment each other and are needed in every organization.  At one of my own training my sessions after listing the various characteristics of managers and leaders the participants concluded there were no differences -- that they were a composite. Their conclusion is supported by the proliferation of training programs now titled: Management and Leadership Skills Training.

Here are My Journal© notes from an online Leadership and Motivation module:

Be yourself, be flexible -- there are no specific traits required to be a successful leader.

Successful managers aren't exclusively autocratic or democratic. They adapt their leadership behaviors to the situation.

Appointment to a position does not make one a leader. Your attitude and how you deal with others does. People won't follow if the person doesn't make them want to. You must practice at this and over time your actions [of getting them to want to do what must be done] will become automatic.

Sensitivity, consistency and loyalty are critical traits.

People aren't born leaders; they learn the skills of leadership. There are numerous definitions of leadership. Here's how we would define it: "Leadership is doing those things that will get others to take those actions that must be done." attributed to Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Here are things you can do to improve your leadership capabilities: inspire (make your team members feel good about themselves), serve as a role model, keep team members informed, promote/reward goal oriented actions.

An effective leader is consistent. A good leader knows what to do, and when. And what not to do and when. A good leader keeps attuned to the current situation.

Supervision 2x2 theory: worker factors: ability and belief in ability. Supervisor factors: structuring the job/task, management of performance.

With practice and hard work you can develop the skills that will make you an effective leader. Over time the skills of enlisting the support and cooperation of your team will become automatic. The traits of sensitivity (to the individual needs of each team member), consistency and loyalty are critical. Treat each as an individual and remember that you are orchestrating the efforts of each to get the job done. Note: this session is an excellent introduction to leadership skills training.

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Just remember, having a continuing management and leadership skills training program in your company is an important element of business success. 


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