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This page is dedicated to free business training resources. As a continuing work-in-progress, I will be expanding and modifying it often. I welcome your suggestions for additions.

There are many ways to use free resources. Your overall objective should be to selectively and integrate them into your continuing business skills development program. Ask how these resources might augment your ongoing self-development and/or company training programs.

Example FREE Business Training resources

Starting Your Own Business (multi-lingual)

  Free Business Training E-Learning Demos

Free Communicating Skills Online Session

Free Demo Leadership Development and Management Training Series

NEW **  Free WebSite Development/Maintenance Tutorials ** NEW

Demo Free Business Training E-Learning Courses (interactive learning):

Sample Free Business Training E-Learning (Flash presentations)

Free Business Training Multi-Media Presentations

Free Business Training Trial Demonstrations of Courses

Free Business Training Promotional Courses With Excellent Content

Free Web Site Development Training

  • Using a Web Site to Sell Services - Click here 
  • Learn about RSS and how to add it to your website  - Click here
  • FREE tutorials for using Site Build It! to develop a web business - Click here

FREE Business Training Resources

Tom Peters Website

Performance Appraisal References

Your Weekly Tip Clipart Web software RealOne Player Download
Business Quotes for the day Manager's Reference Marketing and Sales Leadership
Operations Women and Minorities General Management Info Technology Mgmt
Web Business Development HR Tips Job Search Training Butterflies
Performance Management Great Ideas in Management ASTD Virtual Community Web Devel Tools
Project Management Software All About the Internet Human Resources Pension and Benefit Information
Project Management Support Software Project Survival Guide

Your Daily Motivator

Building a Great Presentation

Latest Manager News

General Information Reference

CEO Express -- Information Access for the Busy Executive

Journalist Express -- Information Access for the Busy Journalist

MD Express -- Information Access for the Busy Physician

Business and Technology Portal for e-Business

Federal Statistics

Data on the Web

The 50 States

State Legislatures
State Libraries

Municipalities, USA

Public Records on the Web

National Association of Counties
Directory of Federal Agencies

Government Information Exchange

Virtual Library Reference Librarians Index to Internet

Library Spot -- How to Search

Venture Financing -- Sources of Funding

Government Information Portal (GovSpot)

Candidate Providers and Other Training Resources

Software Training Education, Training and Tutorial Resources Work Skills Training Online SBA Small Business Classroom
Free IT Courses Free Courseware Beginner's Central Intercom- Interactive
Full Service e-Learning Solutions Tutorials for Network Administrators IT Training Finance and Investment Software
CBT and Assessment Tools Training Software

Performance Appraisal Links

Not FREE But High Value

  • The New Rules of Internet Marketing: step-by-step instructions on how to use your website and other techniques for having prospective clients contact you.

  • Info Millions: How to Create an Info Products Empire: everything you need to convert your own knowledge and experience into a highly profitable business.

  • Small Business/Big Profits: perhaps one of the most successful small business success guides in many years. Literally hundreds of proven strategies, techniques and tools for improving your profits and expanding you customer base for any business.

  • Your Four Steps to Internet Success: the four simple steps -- and examples and guides -- you must take to successfully market your products/services over the internet. Written by one of most successful net entrepreneurs.

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Other High Value Training Resources


Need IDES Training materials?, has everything you need, Installation guides, Installation videos, a public forum to address installation, and much much more.


Best Motivational Tools for Self Development

A number of powerful tools in helping individuals achieve their goals is covered in the book "Triggers : A New Approach Self Motivation". One technique I have presented in my own Stress Management seminars is "visualization." You take a couple minutes out of your routine and close your eyes and "visualize" a pleasant location or time in your life. The author of "Triggers" suggests using the same visualization technique at home, adding to it pleasant sounds, at the same time using a "Trigger" such as touching an earlobe, elbow, knee, etc. After you train yourself you can "invoke" the "feelings" just using your "trigger."

One of the best series of aids combing the use of audio tapes/CDs with the techniques presented in "Triggers" I have seen are produced by Mike Brescia at Think Right Now. For example his I Love Exercising Now! and Eating for Excellent Health Now! are just the right type of new habit-building aids to start the best overall fitness program of the century (I know - my whole family is following this amazing, but simple formula.

Best New Release for Entrepreneurs

The E-Mail Marketing Handbook, by Dr. Ralph F. WilsonThe 371-page E-Mail Marketing Handbook by e-commerce authority Dr. Ralph F. Wilson provides a broad look at all aspects of e-mail marketing -- publishing your own company e-mail newsletter, e-mail promotions, listservers, formatting the e-mail, ad tracking systems, autoresponders, etc. The book also includes detailed reviews of 8 of the most popular e-mail listservers and autoresponders, plus 100 pages of user comments on over 55 e-mail programs. You won't want to even try e-mail marketing before you read this book. Only US $21.95. Purchase your copy now.

Best New Release for Trainers

Life in the Pinball Machine: Careening... - In Life in the Pinball Machine, one of the most influential people in training and performance improvement shares the experiences that shaped his ideas about human performance and behavior. With his characteristic humor and unique perspective, Robert F. Mager shares his revelations about how people work, how people learn, and the world in general.

Best Internet Marketing Training

Dr. Robert A. Bonomi's site and newsletter provide the best source of internet marketing training on the web. Click here to go to his site and review some of his products.

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