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You are embarking on a business venture to destination success. What will fuel your trip? Your self-directed business skill training efforts will be your source of unlimited energy for the entire journey. Along the way you will have to achieve a balance among your work, family and friends, continuing business skill training, and your own self-driven fitness program, spirituality and attitudes.

Right now you are fired up to get under way. However, getting your venture started is one thing. The real test will be just down the path – when you encounter your first detours/delays/cobbles in the road – when today’s motivation will be seriously challenged. Then is when you'll you need to draw upon additional energies to keep on trucking to your destination.

My company specializes in providing companies of all sizes the support they need to be successful. Down your road to success we hope you will call upon our services – and we're preparing now to be there ready to meet your needs. Right now you need to develop some basic habits that will ensure that business excellence will be your standard throughout your business career. Many centuries ago the philosopher Aristotle said: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit

The common ingredient of success in organizations of all sizes is their ability to continue to evolve, adapt, learn and improve. As the leader of your enterprise you must build your own habit of continuing development through business skill training. You must adopt the habit of self improvement in all areas of your life -- regardless your age -- at the very start of your enterprise and your continuing journey. Self improvement will be the fuel for your journey. If you put it off now – you just will not find the time in the future. Just tell yourself this: “If it is to be, it’s up to me.”

In our regular business skill training series we have a number of sessions that address the attitudes needed for success in life. Why? Because attitude is critical to our business success (and our success in life). A study conducted by Harvard and Stanford Universities asked successful business managers which areas were most important to professional performance: skills, knowledge, attitude. The results: skills (5%), knowledge (10% ) and attitude (85%).

What are the right attitudes? Napoleon Hill in his classic book Think and Grow Rich discusses the attitudes necessary for business success. You must “think right” to be successful. In his book Keys to Success he presents 17 principles of personal achievement outlined. I kicked off my January training session each year referencing his principles as a framework for lifetime self improvement and pass out a (reduced size) copy that participants can reference in a daily self improvement exercise.

There are many excellent motivational personalities who have expanded upon what basically is Napoleon Hill’s framework for self directed business skill training. I used a number of them when I was conducting my own management training sessions.

Here are a couple newsletters you should subscribe to right away. Perhaps one of the best authorities on internet marketing, commerce and e-business in general is Dr. Ralph E. Wilson. You also may wish to read the reviews and selected contents from his great book, Planning Your Internet Marketing Strategy.

A final recommendation for commencing a self improvement agenda right at the beginning of starting your online business journey. An essential element for the success will be your web site. Regardless of where you are now in web site development – if you have not done so you should enroll in Ken Evoy’s free Masters Course on making your website sell. If there were any single time investment I would recommend before doing anything else it would be this: click here and follow my instructions for getting on your self improvement track to destination business success!

Best of success,

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We are a business consulting, training and development company dedicated to helping good managers and their companies prosper by reaching for the top.

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