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By providing you access to the best business training Best Managers will you on your road to continuing growth, and both business and personal success. We know that business training is a major contributor to your success and we want to assist you with/access to the best information and training resources.

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Training the arguably the most important asset when attempting to hone your business skills and ultimately succeed in your chosen profession.  Many choose to apply their skills to trusted programs and professionals that can give the proper guidance and insight.  Others choose a more regimented schedule and try their luck at educational institutions, seeking out degrees like a masters in human resources.  Whichever direction, learning from other people's perspectives and knowledge will ultimately shape the leader you can be

I'm Richard Dowell and I've spent a lifetime helping others learn. I'm here to help you.

Here is some of I've done/am doing:

  • Taught swimming and was a certified Red Cross lifeguard

  • Bridge (cards, that is) Life Master and certified instructor.

  • Instructor pilot in most of the airplanes I flew.

  • Designated services provider supporting Council of the Navy League of the United States.

  • As a business manager I've always trained my direct reports using the syllabus for: "Management by Showing Them How."  (Request your FREE copy at the Contact Us page).

  • Taught leadership and management training to the managers of over 50 leading companies in the Charleston and Columbia, SC regions

  • Certified Webmaster (which involves training) for a company called Site Sell (a leading provider of web business software)

  • Certified Site Sell Education Instructor.

  • Instructor at the grade school, high school and at the college levels.

  • Currently teaching graduate and undergraduate Information Technology classes at the Citadel School of Business Administration.

  • Completed course to become a certified coach. [See Business Success Tips below]

I've tried - and will keep trying - to share with you in this site what I've learned. It is a work in progress.

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My mission for this site is to present the best of business training, resources and information by focusing on the needs four groups of users:

Owners, CEOs, executives, profit center managers. Your focus should be on the long term success of your organization. Continuing skills development of all your employees -- especially those of your management team -- is essential for growth and profitability. Regardless your size, you need a business training program that works for you. This guide will help you make the best choices.

Heads of Training and HR Departments. You are the CEO's surrogate for ensuring the business training needs of the entire organization are met. We'll help you make the best choices.

Managers and supervisors wishing to improve themselves.  For the rest of your professional career on are on a journey improving yourself and your direct reports. Use this site to get on the right path now.

Other entrepreneurs and start-ups in general. Continuing business training to improve your skills from the very start is essential to your start up and long term success. We know that your resources, both in time and business skills -- are limited. Let us help you eliminate those resources barriers and accelerate your journey to destination success. We'll point you in the best directions. No company is too small -- or too large -- for our help.

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